About the Job

General Information

City: Guangzhou

Working Time: Full-time

Job Family: MKTG

Seniority: Experienced professionals

People Management Experience: No

Recruiter: Ariana CHEN | ariana.chen@danone.com

Job Description & Responsbilities


1. Responsible for DBC Media campaign Execution. Media type including TVC, OOH, Activation etc,to ensure campaign on-air smoothly and achieve delivery goal. 
2. Assist N+1 on campaign review. To find out improvement summary ad key principle of successful campaign. 
3. Support N+1 on competitors intelligence & media tracking project.  
1. 负责达能水饮产品的媒介项目执行工作。媒介类型包括但不局限于TVC类,户外,社媒等。需要确保媒介项目能顺利上线和达到指定目标。
2. 协助上级完成媒介项目回顾,挖掘项目待提升的关键点以及总结项目成功的秘诀。
3. 支持上级完成竞品研究以及优化第三方媒体监测项目。

1. Well communication skill with different departments (e.g. Brand Team, Procurements, Finance, Media Agency, Media Vendor etc.) to guarantee a smooth and effective working process.
2. Minimum 4 years of work experience in media planning and campaign execution. Good sense on technical planning and media quality tracking. Open for candidates from in-house media or media agency.
3. Strong analytical skills on media sense, competitor and consumer insight. Be able to summary key implication from regular report.
4. Smart and good at multiple work under pressure and fast pace.
1. 有较好的沟通能力,善于与不同部门组织交流(如品牌,采购,财务,媒介代理公司,媒体方等)以便确保项目顺利,高效且合规地进行。
2. 至少有4年媒介策划与执行的工作经验,具备较好的传统媒介知识以及投放质量监测与优化经验。除了甲方媒介人次,我们也同样期待乙方媒介策划相关人才。
3. 具备有较强的分析能力在媒介环境分析,竞品策略挖掘,以及消费者触媒研究上,可以归纳总结出对我们品牌有用的策略启示。
4. 懂得灵活和聪明处理繁琐多样的工作,以便应对高压和高效的工作节奏。