About the Job

Job Family: Supply Chain

Working Location: Xi'an

Working Time: Full-time

Degree Requirement: Diploma

Seniority: Experienced professionals

People Management Experience: Yes

Job Description & Responsbilities

1. Management of raw materials warehouse operations: Execute optimized management of safety, quality, process, cost and performance of raw and materials warehouse


2. Warehouse site management: Focus on the scientific warehousing, reduce warehousing unit cost, cooperate with the QA, planning and production team, to ensure the correct quantity and quality of materials in and out of the warehouse

仓库现场管理: 科学仓储,降低单位仓储成本,协同计划团队以及生产车间,保障物料正确的出入库数量和质量

3. Warehouse accounts management and Inventory: regularly stock-taking, collaborate with department of C&P and Quality to guarantee the

correct quantity and quality of materials in stock


4. Warehouse outsourcing management: rational allocation and full utilization of human resources and other resources, focus on the

enhancement of outsourcing staff's comprehensive ability to meet the demand of business


5. Warehouse Standardization: regularly organize the revision and maintenance of factory warehouse operation standard and operation process,

as well as the ISO system documents of the department

    仓储规范:定期组织对工厂仓库作业标准,作业流程以及本部门ISO 体系文件进行修订与维护