About the Job

General Information

City: Shanghai

Working Time: Full-time

Seniority: Experienced professionals

People Management Experience: No

Recruiter: Lucy FU | lucy.fu@Danone.com

Job Description & Responsbilities


Under the Great China General Counsel (“GC”) leadership and the supervision of the zone Security director, develop, adapt, and implement the global Security policy, guidelines, and standards throughout the CBU in Great China.

Work with all the CBU categories and functions (GS, HR, Finance, IS-IT) to protect the company’s people (duty of care), assets (material and immaterial), and business interests in the CBU.

Work with internal and external stakeholders to establish brand/category focused surveillance for risk status and trends, identify, develop, and build strategic cases/risk management proposal aiming to protect company’s business interests.

Lead to implement a range of efficient actions through adopting appropriate tools, platforms and methods to detect facts and consequences to drive critical business decisions.

Evaluate cases for patterns and trends to identify failures or optimization opportunities in policies, procedures and propose feasible improvements.

Work with all the CBU stakeholders (Quality Food Safety, Operations, Supply Chain, Sales) to animate security & risk management network, develop security mindsets and practices all through the supply chain, and other related functions and create synergies among categories.

Encourage cost-effective and brand/product security management strategies/solutions in order to avoid, mitigate and reduce the potential losses for the business.

Assist internal teams for all projects which includes risks for the company’s assets (human, material and immaterial) in order to bring expertise in risk management and reinforce prevention and protection: new factory/offices, restructuration, new logistics providers, etc.

Provide security & risk management awareness briefings and trainings for employees and management.

Undertake security & other type of verifications, as required internally by GC or externally by police, authority or other law enforcement agencies, including security breaches, wide-ranging criminal acts against or relative to DANONE and members of staff or matters of particular sensitivity.

Assist for all contract improvements to optimise the risk precaution and financial vision of security.

Be a strong partner for Business Continuity Planning (BCP) and Crisis Continuity Management (CCM).

Coordinate and maintain liaison with local police, security, and other law enforcement agencies at the appropriate levels (when relevant and necessary), in coordination with GC.

Work in the respect of Global security directives and instructions and remain compliant with DANONE rules, policy, and procedures.