About the Job

General Information

City: Guangzhou

Working Time: Full-time

Job Family: Supply Chain

Seniority: Experienced professionals

People Management Experience: No

Recruiter: Ariana CHEN | ariana.chen@danone.com

Job Description & Responsbilities


1. Support Topline Rolling Forecast
- Secure monthly 21V rolling forecast to support company topline.
- Operational forecast basing on sales trend and align with supply for stock plan.
- Support and provide focus direction to regional sales S&OP (committee).
2. Lead short-term rolling forecast
- Monthly 21V forecasting consolidation and validation with field sales and input to SNDP file (detail by city by SKU by channel level).
- Work with region SPPM for annual and monthly SKU mix plan.
- Current month operational forecasts to timely adjust demand and supply plan.
- Work with sales region for weekly forecast update.
- Meetings input and secure action completions for:
a. Weekly demand and supply meeting for co-pilot region.
b. Monthly demand related meeting with regional cross function.
c. Bi-weekly project meeting for INNO/RENO demand plan outlook.
- Other add hot task that demand related.
3. Channel/Project Copilot
- Monthly rolling channel/project demand plan.
- Co-work with channel owner for monthly channel S&OP steps.
- Daily sales movement tracking for channel customised products.
4. Demand System/Tool
- Short-term M+1 forecast in Target & Forecast system.
- Long-term 12 months plan by SKU by city in Target & Forecast system.
- System suggestion forecast as baseline for bottom-up forecasting in DP Tool.
- Support to region for the implementation of HQ standardize tools and process.